Details has been registered by myself to obtain an alternative to ML.ORG has provided excellent service in the past, put has recently announce to shut down with an uncertain future to come. Other alternatives where more targeted to dialup users with constantly changing IPs. Most cable modem users however, like myself, have access to 'quasi-static' IPs. IPs that rarely change.

What I do:

I do provide three different functions:

subdomain name. This is the core of the service. It does provide a subdomain name like for any IP you provide. This will allow you to use an easily remembered name for any server you may have running at home. Please make sure you understand the security implications of running a server and have permission to run a server by your internet service provider. You are allowed to choose 1 subdomain as part of a basic account.

e-mail forwarding. E-mail forwarding will allow you to forward mail to to your ISP's e-mail account. You are allowed to choose 5 diferent e-mail aliases. POP access to this e-mail is available as an extra and not included in your basic account.

web directory forwarding. A directory will be setup on this server ( and requests for it can be forwarded to a URL of your choice.

Some limitations:

all sub domain names, e-mail aliases and web directories are limited to 25 characters. All forwarding addresses are limited to 250 characters.


(1) commercial content is tolerated. (see 8)

(2) nothing illegal or x-rated.

(3) your real ID (name, e-mail) will be released if someone provides a 'good reason' (examples: abuse, spam ...)

(4) You have one month to send me a check over $10. Right now all I accept are checks drawn on US banks. I will charge whatever fee my bank charges me in case your check bounces. Credit card billing may come soon. I accept cash but would rather not recommend people sending cash in the mail.

(5) You may change your IP as frequently as you wish. Expect all changes to become effective within about 24 hrs.

(6) You can at any time ask to receive the remiander of your deposited money back in case you don't like / need the service anymore (e.g. your will get $5 back in case you quit ater 6 months)

(7) you will get all your money back in case I stop operating this service for whatever reason.

(8) you won't get any money for lost business due to loss of service. All you can ask for is your $10 back. This service is mostly oriented for home users.

(10) names are handed out on a first come / first served basis.

(11) I am neither responsible for nor do I monitor any content offered within the domain.

have fun, behave reasonable and let me know if there is a problem.


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